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Newsletter 16 September 2005

Dear Parent

Newsletter 16.09.05

Car Park This seems to be finally finished, however, there is still further work to be done on the new entrance to the Autism Centre (the old infant door) which I expect to start towards the end of next week or the week after. In the meantime you should feel free to park in the parking bays, however, do not use the ones in the old infant playground. I would be obliged if you could follow these few simple rules when on school premises

  • Approach the car park at less than 5 mph and do not go over this speed while in the car park. Children cannot run faster than 5 mph and if you are going faster than that it is not possible for them to get out of your way.
  • As you come into the car park keep left and drive round the car park in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION ONLY
  • Park in the parking bays only and if there are none left please leave the school grounds. Do not be tempted in any way to park on anything other than a designated parking bay.
  • The criss-crossed areas are for bus parking only. Please do not park, stop, or even hesitate in these areas.
  • When dropping your children off in the morning you may stop beside the green gates to let your child out of the car but ensure they only come out on the passenger side after you have completed your circuit of the car park. Do not let children out of your car into the flow of traffic.
  • When collecting your child please park up, leave your vehicle and come to the green gates to meet your child. I will not be allowing any child to walk across the car park to your car even if you shout for them as this is a dangerous practice and you have to take responsibility for your child in the car park as I am not willing to do so.
  •  Last, and probably most importantly, if it is not you picking up your child it is imperative that you pass these instructions on to the person who will be, and that includes taxi drivers, as I will be making official complaints about anyone who endangers the lives of Pulteneytown Academy children by not following these simple procedures.

PSA- Thanks to the 6 parents and 4 staff who turned up for the AGM last Monday night and also those who sent their apologies and indicated that they would help out with fundraising/social events. The Committee Members are as follows - (parents) Mrs R Black, Mrs F Gunn., Mrs H Cormack, Mrs P Coghill, Mrs L Mackenzie, (staff) Miss L Wark, Mrs J Budge, Mrs L Harper, Miss E Sutherland, Mrs L Livingston. The next Meeting of the Committee will be Monday 24 October at 7 p.m. where Office Bearers will be elected and at 7.30 p.m. the meeting will continue to plan a Halloween event for the children for Monday 31 October. If you would like to be involved in helping with this event please come along to the meeting on 24 October at 7.30 p.m.

Triathlon Congratulations to all 18 pupils who took part and to the 27 others who tried in the heats. It is wonderful to have so many children who want to represent their school in these events. Our best performances were 2nd place in the P6/7 event and 1st place in the P4/5 event.

Yours sincerely
Head Teacher