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New Year is always a special time of the year. You can look back on what has happened, what might have been and what you might wish for the coming year. When you are far from home, it can also be a time to think of that homeland and the places and people you know from there.

The year just gone has, unfortunately, seen the end of many years of the London Caithness Association. This is the sad loss of an opportunity for we Caithness exiles in the South East of the UK to keep alive the spirit of Caithness. To try to redress this situation, a couple of us Caithness exiles would like to hear from any fellow exiles in the area who would be interested in getting together for the odd social occasion and developing , once again, a contact base in this part of the UK. Who knows what it might lead to!!! This area sees a significant coming and going of people from all over the world, many of whom will have a connection, first hand or through previous generations, with Caithness and this could be an opportunity to make that contact you have always thought about, but never quite got round to actually doing anything about.

If you are interested, then please contact me, Mike Waters, by e-mail via mike.waters@marshallaerospace.com