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I'm Going Home by Margaret Bates


For many long years I have travelled this earth

But now Iím returning to the land of my birth.

The cairns and the brochs and the circles of stone

Are calling me back now

So Iím going home.


The sky above me was cloudy and grey

But the storms that had gathered are clearing away.

Thereís no-one to hold me. Now Iím alone.

No arms to enfold me

So Iím going home.


Iíve missed your cliff tops and your wide open plains;

Those far sandy beaches I must see once again.

The mist in the morning and the clear starry nights,

The autumnís aurora

And the springís early light.


Your harbours will shelter a boat from the storm.

Your peat fires in winter will keep my house warm.

Though thereís no-one to hold me and Iím all alone,

Your arms will enfold me

Now Iím going home


Margaret Bates  lives in Bushey, near Watford and  used to be resident poet at Watford folk club.  She has had poems published in anthologies.
"Boats" Was written in 1968 so it must have been an old Boy Andrew.
She has Caithness connections and visits the county regularly.