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Today :: Business
SNP Greens Freezing The Council Tax Has Been A Disaster For Local Services - Roads Testify To That

With the latest round of Scottish council budgets ongoing and Highland Council due on Thursday 29 February 2024 we wait to see if they will toe the line. The recommendation in the budget papers budget papers is to do what the government asks and freeze the tax.

Yesterday :: Business
Families of more than 327,000 young people helped by Scottish Child Payment

Scottish Child Payment was helping the families of more than 327,000 children at the end of December last year, official statistics have shown.  The £25-a-week payment helps families as part of a wider package of Scottish Government actions to tackle child poverty and support people during the cost of living crisis.  The figures published today show more than 4,000 extra children were being supported since the previous quarter - the fourth consecutive rise.  Scottish Child Payment launched in February 2021 and it has since risen in value twice - firstly from £10 per week to £20 per week then, in November 2022, to £25 per week. At the time of the second rise, it extended from being a payment for the families of children under the age of six to all those eligible under 16.

Yesterday :: Business
Improving Scotland's Diet - Move To Restrict Promotions On Unhealthy Food And Drink

The public is being asked for views on proposals to restrict the promotion of food and drink high in fat, sugar and salt. The consultation, which will run for 12 weeks, will outline the detail of proposed regulations aimed at creating a food environment which better supports healthier choices.

Yesterday :: Business
20,000 Can Get Best Start Foods For The First Time

Changes to a key Scottish Government benefit will see an estimated 20,000 people able to access money to help with the cost of food shopping for the first time. Rule changes around eligibility for Best Start Foods come into force on Monday Feb 26 extending eligibility by making it easier to qualify.

Yesterday :: Business
If the Chancellor wants to cut taxes, he should tell us where the spending cuts will fall

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will announce his second Budget, and fourth fiscal event, on Wednesday 6 March. This will possibly be the final fiscal event of the current parliament.

Yesterday :: Business
Don't Believe House Prices Indexes In 2024! - UK House Price Crash

The INCOVENIENT TRUTH about the UK HOUSE PRICES and why you shouldn't believe any of the house prices you see reported in the mainstream media. Rightmove, Halifax, Nationwide, Acadata and the Land Registry release their house price indexes every month, however, the accuracy of these HPI's should certainly be up for debate.

Yesterday :: Business
Compared To Any Other Sector, Fewer Transport & Storage Firms Saw An Increase In January Turnover

A new survey reveals only 6.7% of transport & storage sector businesses enjoyed an increase in turnover in January, the lowest result of all business sectors. The survey also reveals that transport companies are among the most pessimistic about growth in March, says the home delivery expert ParcelHero.

Yesterday :: Business
Rightcharge Flips The Switch On Its Home Charging Payments Solution, Sparking Savings And Simplicity For Fleets

Leading electric vehicle charging software company, Rightcharge, has launched its latest technology that allows fleets to cover the costs of an employee's home charging by making payments directly to the employee's energy account, regardless of their supplier. The service is the first part of the Rightcharge Electric Fuel Card, which is being launched in stages this year and will soon offer a public charge card to access over 30 networks plus workplace charging integrations.

Yesterday :: Business
The Highland Council Budget Meeting To Be Broadcast On Youtube

The Highland Council will be broadcasting our upcoming special budget meeting on Thursday 29 February 2024. Alongside our regular webcast platform, you will be able to watch proceedings live on our YouTube channel in high definition Coverage on YouTube will start at 10am, with the meeting starting at 10.30am.

Yesterday :: Business
Is Your Business Missing Out On Thousands Of Pounds?

The rates paid on business savings accounts are at their highest in years. It's no surprise then that we've had many businesses asking if they can improve the interest they can earn on their company cash.

Yesterday :: Coming Events
Sat, 16 Mar 10:00am - Traditional Music Workshops

trad. instrumental music classes for children with local tutors: A.

22/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Powering Up Science Skills For Pupils In Rural Scotland

SSEN Transmission and the Science Skills Academy (SSA), run by HIE, are joining forces to power up science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills for hundreds of school pupils across rural Scotland with a four-month Pop-Up "Newton Room" programme. The out-of-classroom, hands-on sessions for school pupils, from 10-14 years old, aim to ignite interest in STEM subjects and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

22/2/2024 :: Community
Whether Inserted, Ingested Or Implanted, Batteries Are A Matter Of Life And Death

If you've heard about the case of the Australian man who needed emergency removal of the three "button" batteries he'd inserted into his urethra, then it's likely your eyes will still be watering. According to the case report, ten days later, he required follow-up surgery for penile tissue necrosis caused by the battery burns.

21/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sat, 23 Mar 12:00pm - Caithness International Science Festival - Family Fun Day

Join us for a fun filled family day out at Caithness International Science Festival. Our Family Fun Day will be jam packed with interactive displays, hands on activities, and science shows..

20/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Fri, 8 Mar 8:00pm - Wick Groats Quiz 25 Years

See poster..

20/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Fri, 8 Mar 12:30pm - Climate Change Conversations

See poster..

20/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Mon, 11 Mar 11:00am - Spring Fayre - Latheron Hall

See poster for details..

20/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Potassium In Our Soil Is Running Low, Threatening Global Food Security - New Study Proposes A Way Out

Soils around the world are running low on potassium, a key nutrient needed for plants to grow. This ultimately means we may not be able to grow enough food for everyone.

20/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Zombie Deer Disease Is Spreading And Scientists Are Concerned That It Could Jump To Humans

In the tranquil expanses of North America's woodlands and grasslands, a silent but concerning phenomenon is unfolding: chronic wasting disease (CWD). The condition, often dubbed "zombie deer disease", is stealthily spreading among deer populations, sparking concerns among scientists, conservationists and the public alike.

18/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Thu, 23 May 6:30pm - Evel Knievel Tribute - Caithness Rugby club

Caithness Rugby FC kindly host this years Evel Knievel Tribute. Rugby International Kick Challenge between Wales & England.

18/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Thu, 29 Feb 10:00am - Woodland Clearing Volunteering Day

We are inviting all nature lovers to help the busy gardening team at the Gardens of Mey with clearing the large woodland area from leaves, fallen branches and other debris and prepare it for the spring. We shall also put up the bird boxes to encourage more wildlife into the Gardens.

18/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Fri, 15 Mar 6:30pm - Flap Chat - Young Women's Workshop

If you are a young woman aged between 16-22 then get signed up for this workshop with the North Highland Women's Wellness Hub Space to chat openly and honestly about your health and wellbeing and cake - what’s not to love!!.

18/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sat, 2 Mar 7:30pm - More Moira Monologues Alan Bissett

She’s back! Straight-talking single mum, Moira Bell, returns in a new instalment of Alan Bissett’s much-loved one-woman show. Moira’s a gran now, but still telling hilarious home-truths about dating, her estranged sister, cleaning posh folk’s hooses, the return of her ex Billy, and Brexit.

18/2/2024 :: Community
Rediscovering Lazy Beds

Imogen Furlong, the High Life Highland Countryside Ranger Manager, explores a historical perspective on climate resilience. In the Scottish Highlands, a quiet but profound testament to historical ingenuity and resilience lies in the form of lazy beds.

18/2/2024 :: Community
Expecting A Baby - FREE PeeP Antenatal Course With HomeStart Caithness

Our next Antenatal PeeP course begins soon. If you are expecting a baby in APRIL, MAY or JUNE 2024 give us a message now.

15/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sun, 17 Mar 11:00am - Spring Wedding Fayre

Everything for a wedding on show.

15/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Home To Highland Programme For Young People Commended

Unanimous support by Highland Council members of the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Committee has been given to the Council's Home to Highland Programme which works to return care experienced young people to the Highlands from out of authority residential placements. Councillors have considered two evaluations of the ‘Home to Highland Programme' and the services being developed to prevent young people requiring moving out of the local authority area.

15/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Supporting Sustainable Agriculture - Funding farming to help tackle climate change

Funding farming to help tackle climate change More than £7 million has been awarded to 517 rural businesses in 2023 from the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme (AECS). Overall, £27m will be paid over the lifetime of the contracts to applicants, to help support land management activities that will benefit nature and mitigate against climate change.

15/2/2024 :: Community
MSP Meets Highland Violence Against Women Partnership

Emma Roddick MSP visited Inverness yesterday to learn more about the work being done to prevent violence against women. Ms Roddick met with with staff from the Highland Violence Against Women Partnership (HVAWP) and NHS Highland's Public Health team to discuss their innovative approach to raising awareness of abusive relationships.

15/2/2024 :: Community
Free Bus To Inverness By Pulteneytown Peoples Project

BUS TRIPS TO INVERNESS 🚍 We are going to be running some bus trips to Inverness - free of charge to the public. 24th February 2024 9th March 2024 16th March 2024 30th March 2024 Whatever your plans are! Fancy a day shopping? Wanting a bingo trip? Take the kids & enjoy a day at soft play and the trampoline park! We can get you there! Drop off & pick up location in Inverness is to be confirmed.

15/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Company Shut Down After Consumers Hit By Direct Debit Scam

The company deceived consumers into signing up to a subscription charging them almost £30 a month. Paragrim Ltd tricked consumers into signing up to the website Consumers were charged a monthly direct debit without their permission and which they were unable to easily unsubscribe from Insolvency Service investigations found no evidence the website provided any actual services or that the company was trading legitimately A company which tricked people into signing up for monthly direct debits has been shut down following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

15/2/2024 :: Arts
Uýra - The Rising Forest

Uýra shares ancestral knowledge with Indigenous youth in the Amazon to promote the significance of identity and place, threatened by Brazil's oppressive political regime. Through dance, poetry, and stunning characterization, Uýra confronts historical racism, transphobia, and environmental destruction, while emphasising the interdependence of humans and the environment.

14/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sun, 3 Mar 10:30am - St John's Pool Volunteer Work Day

See poster..

13/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sat, 25 May 08:15am - Cycling in the Straths

Cycling in the Staths is an epic cycling challenge in the Far North with the 68 mile Strathnaver Challenge and the 48 Ben Hope Trial. Although the event will be timed, it is not a race.

10/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Satellites Could Become More Sustainable, Thanks To New UK Space Agency Funding

The UK Space Agency has announced funding for work which aims to prolong the life of satellites, as part of efforts to ensure space remains sustainable for future generations. The package includes a £2 million upgrade to the Satellite Applications Catapult's In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing (IOSM) facility at the Westcott Space Cluster in Aylesbury.

9/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sat, 23 Mar 10:00am - Song Writing for Kids Age 9 - 13 - Two Days

This is a two day event and participants are expected to attend both days on 23 and 24th March. Join musicians Jenny Sturgeon and Adam Ross for a songwriting workshop for young people.

9/2/2024 :: Coming Events
Sat, 2 Mar 10:00am - Traditional Music Workshops

Tuition in a variety of instruments incl. fiddle.drums.guitar.clarsach.chanter.with local musicians..

8/2/2024 :: Community
Charities face staff and volunteer crisis

A third of organisations reported this as one of their top challenges. Third Sector organisations in Scotland are increasingly facing shortages of staff and volunteers, a new report has warned.

8/2/2024 :: Community
NHS Highland And The Broons' Legendary Characters Embark On A Braw Initiative To Tackle Deconditioning #nhsbroons

NHS Highland and the team behind The Broons have joined forces to launch an educational 'deconditioning' comic strip for Scotland's ageing population. The information has been presented in a captivating format, featuring The Broons' legendary characters, that is likely to be identifiable to all ages, but particularly older people and their families.

8/2/2024 :: Community
Finances proving biggest challenge to charities as rising costs bite

Research also found a third of organisations were dipping into reserves. An overwhelming majority of charities in Scotland have reported financial challenges as their biggest source of concern.

7/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Over 43,000 Automatic Payments To Help Families With Cost Of Living

Best Start Grants awarded without need for a separate application. More than 43,000 payments have been paid automatically to help parents and carers with the cost of living and starting school, latest official figures show.

6/2/2024 :: Community
North Coast Bumblebees - In Person Talk

Paul Castle is the dedicated Countryside Ranger for North Sutherland and North Caithness with High Life Highland and is giving talks about bumblebees in Thurso and Bettyhill. For me, the buzzing of a bumblebee is the quintessential ‘Sound of Summer'.

5/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Unlocking The Potential Of Quantum: £45 Million Investment To Drive Breakthroughs In Brain Scanners, Navigation Systems, And Quantum Computing

The government is today investing a total of £45 million in the UK's quantum sector. It comes as part of its commitment to transforming into a quantum-enabled economy by 2033 - seizing this technology's potential to overhaul healthcare, energy, transport and more.

5/2/2024 :: Sutherland
Ensuring Crime Doesn't Pay: New Economic Crime Unit To Tackle Money Laundering And Carry Out Financial Investigations

The Environment Agency launches Economic Crime Unit to address serious financial offences in the waste sector. The Environment Agency has launched a new Economic Crime Unit to boost its efforts to tackle money laundering and carry out financial investigations in the waste sector, ensuring crime doesn't pay.

5/2/2024 :: Community
There Are Benefits To Sharing A Bed With Your Pet - As Long As You're Scrupulously Clean

When heading off for a night's slumber, does your pet follow? Perhaps the cat curls up at the end of your bed. Maybe the dog dives under the duvet or pops their head on your pillow.

5/2/2024 :: Arts
Why Taylor Swift belongs on English literature degree courses

When I started my podcast, Studies in Taylor Swift, in the spring of 2021, I felt that I was simultaneously helping to invent, and trying to catch up to, the academic discipline of Taylor Swift studies. Though there wasn't much published on reading Swift as literature, I had no trouble finding guests who had some kind of experience teaching Swift or thinking academically about her lyrics.